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Lake Blaine is close the commercial center of the Flathead Valley and has many full time residents, along with a large contingency of Canadian and vacation home owners. It is nestled at the foot of the Swan Mountain Range with the south and west shores sparkling with mountain views. Glacier melt water makes its way to Flathead Lake through the rivers and streams that wind their way through the valley floor and feed the lakes and streams that abound in the area, including Lake Blaine. Sitting at an elevation of 2,997 feet, Lake Blaine is located within a 10-minute drive of Kalispell.

The lake is about 382 acres in surface area with an average depth of 51 feet and a maximum depth of 141 feet. The navigable size makes it ideal for an afternoon lunch boat ride or break out the waterskis for some serious fun! An evening canoe ride is a special treat that will build a lifetime of memories. The real estate along the shoreline of Lake Blaine is dotted with cabins and upscale homes. Exclusive in access, you have to live on this lake to boat on it since there is no public access.

The location is prime for the exciting variety of activities and entertainment. Glacier National Park is just over 30 miles from Kalispell city proper. Flathead Lake is 7 miles south. The Glacier International Airport is 7 miles north and the festive area of Whitefish is less than 15 miles north. Encompassing the Kalispell region are over 3 million acres of protected wilderness.

Everywhere you turn is opportunity for recreation and beauty. The growing city itself is aesthetic and everywhere one looks are scenes of interest. Historic museums and homes, quaint city parks, tunnel-like tree lined streets, a variety of waterways and rolling farmlands all add to the eye\’s delight in the Kalispell region. Of course, the mountains, lakes, rivers and forests that create the Flathead Valley are gorgeous beyond words.


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